Our Story

It gets asked many a times why the name BYSTONE LTD?

The founders of the company always hoped one day they’d go on to establish an operation worthy of a name. It was long decided upon should the day ever come a combination of the names of the streets of their residence (Byron Avenue & Gladstone Avenue) would be intertwined to establish a brand name -BYSTONE LTD.

Having been involved in the lettings industry for many years, and witnessed first-hand the challenges faced both by landlord and tenants, we set up with the aim of doing things differently.

Having a fancy office, with a complicated coffee machine is not what we feel an investor is looking for to maximise their investment return, nor does it benefit a prospective tenant who’s just forked out a substantial fee to be given the privilege to stay in a property.

We won’t promise you false hopes, or operate outside the remit of the law. What we can promise, is a service better than most others.

We want to offer our Landlords and tenants a peace of mind service, which frees up their time to get on with life’s other challenges.

Like many other businesses in the modern age, the local friendly service has gradually evaporated into answering machines and unfamiliar faces.

We aim to reinvigorate a personal service where you will be able to talk to your point of call in your own personal time, and receive a satisfactory response to your enquiry. Wehther you’re from Forest Gate, Newham or any of the surrounding areas in East London, get in touch with Bystone Ltd today.

We thank you for taking an interest and bid you a very pleasant day.